The Leaders’ Report: Increasing trust through citizen engagement

Executive Summary

We spoke to government communicators in over 50 countries to better understand how governments can better connect with their citizens in today’s increasingly polarised world. Our findings show that government communication professionals around the world face a cosnsitent set of challenges. The findings have led us to four distinct conlcusions:

  • Citizen engagement is under-resourced and under-funded
  • Citizen engagement is always possible but not always desireable
  • Citizen engagement has unfulfilled potential
  • Citizen engagement can make relationships between the citizen and state worse as well as better.


Additional Background

  • We work with our government clients across the world on the next generation of public policy challenges. We help them to deliver effective outcomes by putting the citizen at the heart of every solution, driving public satisfaction and increasing public trust. We create high-performing public communication functions, putting in place the strategy, people, processes, structures and tools for success.
  • Benchmarking how your organisation is performing against global best practice and your peers, using The Leaders’ Report global dataset
  • Strategy planning and development to articulate a clear purpose and objectives for communication, monitored against relevant KPIs with rigorous evaluation processes
  • Citizen engagement evaluation and consultancy to quantitatively analyse how well citizens are connected to government, and to identify the greatest opportunities to impact them
  • Skills, process and structure audits to identify gaps in capability, now and for the future
  • Training to develop specific skills including behavioural insight, citizen engagement, digital communication, social media, analytics and evaluation


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