Building Citizen Resiliency via Government Communications

As we turn the page on an all around difficult 2020, Governments everywhere are facing drained tax funds, challenged economies and continued need for support from citizens.

Governments increasingly need their citizen and business communities to be more capable of responding to and recovering from crisis as we move forward. Be that acute crises we typically think of like natural disasters, economic destabilization, and pandemics – but also more sustained crises like climate change, affordable housing, and health.

While WPP’s agencies are sometimes engaged to shape emergency crisis and survival communications, much of our long-term work is helping communities to build resiliency by improving efforts to recover, adapt and learn from the experience, and importantly better prepare for the next time crisis strikes. We have invited a few of our global government communications experts from Wunderman Thompson, Wavemaker and Ogilvy to share learnings from their work – what works, what doesn’t – in building and improving community resiliency.