I Am A Hero

I Am A Hero

Executive Summary

Children aged 4 – 10 years old, are very much aware of COVID-19, but are not yet necessarily mature enough to process the information or appreciate the importance of safety measures and other essential messaging around the virus. Ogilvy Tunis created a campaign for UNICEF Tunisia that engaged appropriately with this age group.


Tunisia has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the rest of the world. Already weakened by an unstable economic situation, the Tunisian Government had no choice but to call on Tunisian citizens’ efforts to fight the pandemic and limit damage, through a large scale awareness campaign. UNICEF wanted to specifically address parents and children stuck at home, needing further reassurance and guidance on how to best protect themselves and others.

Ogilvy’s experience in creating mindful campaign content pieces with an educational purpose that resonates with local insights, meant they were the ideal partner to tackle communication aimed directly at children and their parents.


Ogilvy created a campaign that put the child at the heart of the communication, where their role as “hero” responsible for their own safety allowed the team to use a voice that was confident, and unafraid of the Corona virus. The “hero” was then able to also protect others, and thus, be a real hero.

The campaign led with a TV ad and musical video clip featuring 3D animated hero characters, augmented by radio, as well as educational and entertaining social media content.

The content and media plan leveraged high TV audience rates and social media usage during Ramadan. This in turn further helped promote the Ministry of Women and Family’s toll-free hotline, dedicated to supporting parents.

I Am A Hero


Compared to neighbouring countries, Tunisia is considered to have one of the best pandemic responses and very low contagion rates.

  • The campaign reached 2 million users on social media in Tunisia, from a total active social media population of 7 million.
  • Over 25,000 people engaged with the campaign material on social.
  • The main video has been viewed 35,000 times since airing.


users on social media in Tunisia


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