Preparing for the Post-Truth World

Executive Summary

Governments, corporations and citizens are increasingly worrying about deliberate acts of mis- or disinformation being used as a weapon. Governments have begun addressing ‘fake news’ through regulation, but whether the problem is rooted in a news, business, or health-related context, it is a dangerous issue we must all own. This paper considers how the development of technology is fueling the spread of disinformation faster than real news, together with the critical role humans play in propagating and countering ‘fake news’. We then discuss best practices for combatting ‘fake news’ in public policy; and the tools and capabilities government institutions require to tackle it, ultimately providing governments with an opportunity for greater public engagement to reverse declining trust. The role of technology companies, public education, counter-narratives and journalists is also considered.


Additional Background

This report was published at the World Government Summit. The World Government Summit is a knowledge exchange centre at the intersection of government, furutism, technology, and innovation. It functions as a thought leadership platform and networking hub for policymakers, experts, and pioneers in human development.