The Leaders’ Report: The Future of Government Communication

Executive Summary:

Spanning 40 countries, The Leaders’ Report is the first comprehensive global review of how government communication leaders and practitioners are working now, their concerns, and what they are doing to prepare for the future.

Government communication leaders face unprecedented difficulties in responding to this wave of technological change and public dissatisfaction: audiences are increasingly heterogeneous, interconnected, and ever harder to reach.

The research asks:

  • How is communication used within government?
  • What are the key challenges facing government communicators?
  • What are the key attributes of high-performing government communication functions?
  • Is there a clear path to improving performance?

Conducted across geographic, socio-political, economic and hierarchical divides, the research consists of:

  • A comprehensive audit of existing practice, together with analysis of data on major trends in government communication and their associated organisational drivers
  • A global conversation with eight advisory board members
  • In-depth qualitative interviews with government communication leaders from 20 countries and five multilateral organisations
  • An online, confidential qualitative survey with more than 240 communication practitioners from 30 countries

Additional background:

We work with governments to create highperforming communication functions, putting in place the strategy, people, processes, structures and tools for success.

  • Benchmarking how your organisation is performing against global best practice and its peers, using The Leaders’ Report global dataset
  • Strategic planning to identify the critical challenges and opportunities ahead and develop action plans to improve performance
  • Strategy development to articulate a clear purpose and objectives for communication, monitored against relevant KPIs with rigorous evaluation processes
  • Organisation design to ensure that structures and processes enable the strategy
  • Skills, process and structure audits to identify gaps in capability, now and for the future
  • Training to develop specific skills including digital communication, social media, analytics, behavioural insight and evaluation.

To discuss improving the performance of your public sector communication function, please contact [email protected]