Why Experiences Matters in the Public Sector

Executive Summary

Adobe and The Government & Public Sector Practice pooled their knowledge and expertise to conduct the research Delivering Experiences That Count. The research, executed by Kantar Public, captured the attitudes and experiences of digital public services of more than 7,000 citizens in seven countries to understand what drives a positive experience of online public services. Why Experience Matters showcases how Singapore compares to the global study.

The Singapore Research was conducted in 2018 and as with the global study, 1000 citizens were surveyed. Overall, the experience in Singapore is positive and consistent with the global average. 9 in 10 have accessed at least one online government service in the past year, from looking for information to providing information for a specific service or application. The appetite for digital engagement is strong. More than half of Singapore citizens would prefer to access all government services online versus offline. Digital government services perform better on the functional areas. It is in the more emotional dimensions of design and relationship that should be prioritised to drive engagement and influence.