WPP Government & Public Sector Practice Consulting

We help governments and other public-sector organisations build and sustain world-class communications performance.

What we do

We support leaders and policymakers in national and local government, public institutions and international organisations create effective and efficient communications and engagement strategies and functions that enable them to better:

• Build trust;
• Develop and explain public policies;
• Increase public participation and engagement;
• Change citizen behaviour;
• Improve the operational effectiveness of public services;
• Respond effectively in times of crisis.

How we do it

Drawing on our research and experience from around the world, we:

• Develop the evidence base for public policy;
• Advise on communications and engagement strategy, delivery, innovation, and impact;
• Audit and benchmark capability and performance against international best practice for public communications;
• Build and maintain sustainable and unified communication and engagement functions;
• Train policy and communications leads to design and deliver their own effective strategies and interventions.



Specifically, we help our clients answer questions relating to their communications performance in five key areas:


  • Is the role of and structure for communications and engagement sufficiently defined in your organisation?
    Are your communication and engagement strategies aligned to the expectations and understanding of your audiences?


  • Are you accessing sufficient sources of data to inform decision making?
    Is your use of technology increasing public engagement and understanding?


  • How effectively do you maintain consistency of messages across the organisation and across channels?
  • How can all parts of your organisation work better together on agreed communications priorities?


  • Are communications leaders sufficiently influencing senior stakeholders?
  • Is your communications and engagement function driving a focus on the citizen throughout the organisation?


  • Are you working within collaborative team environments?
  • Is your investment in talent, skills and professional development leading to sustained improvements in performance?

Our deliverables often take the form of advice to ministers, cabinet briefings, policy recommendations, communications audits, change plans and implementation workshops. Our recommendations are always evidence led, tangible, practical and implementable.

Our difference

We are public-sector specialists, with both global and local experience.

We balance theory with deep-level expertise, providing the evidence and the capability to inspire better public policies, services and communications.

More information on our team and their experience is available here.